Sister Jean Riggs, the Chaplain Orange Co. Sheriffs Office visits Girls vocation club

Sister Jean visited the girls vocation club on Monday, January 9, from 3:00  to 4:30.

Sister Jean gave us a history of her calling to become a nun.  She completed all of her studies and was about to take her first vows when she realized that this may not be where God was calling her.

She met a wonderful young man who was studying to become a priest, they fell in love, and we’re married.

She was married for 20 years and she has three grown sons. After her husband died she realized that the call to become a nun had never really left.  She entered the convent and found herself wanting to have a profession where she could really make a difference in the world. She entered an order in which they all have secular jobs. She does not live in a convent but has her own apartment and her three sons walked with her when she took her final vows to become a nun.

The day she came to speak with our girls was the day that the two officers from orange county were killed. Along with her story about her two vocations in her lifetime, she also spoke about her job.  She told those in attendance two stories about a day in the life of a chaplain.

Everyone got a chance to ask her questions about being a nun, about being a mom and about being a chaplain.

We told her how much we appreciated her taking the time on such a terrible day to come and speak with the girls vocation club and the parents and parishioners who attended.

We would like to invite her back so she can tell her story to a larger audience!