First Penance

images[1] (2)Our sacramental preparation program for First Penance and First Communion begins in the fall. The first semester is geared toward preparing our participants to receive the sacrament of First Reconciliation and the second semester is geared toward preparing them to receive to the sacrament of First Communion. Parents have the unique responsibility for the education of their children; they are the first educators or catechists. They teach by their witness of the faith, through their values and attitudes, by their Christian example of love for Christ and his church. When children are baptized, parents accept the responsibility to raise their children in the practice of their faith…(National Directory for Catechesis 234-235)

The program is intended to be short and focused on the immediate catechesis for the sacraments they are preparing to receive. To ensure that those going through the sacramental prep program are ready for this short instruction, the Diocese of Orlando, requires a minimum of two years of documented participation in Religious Education (remote preparation) to precede the reception of First Reconciliation and First Communion.

What this means is that if you would like your child to receive the sacrament of First Communion in Second Grade, the child needs to be enrolled in Religious Education starting in Kindergarten. We understand that this policy has not been so strongly endorsed as it could have been and so for those who do not meet this requirement this year but would still like their child to receive the sacrament you will need to set up a meeting with the sacramental Prep Coordinator, Please call Parish office 386-428-6426, to discuss your child’s readiness to enter the sacramental prep program.