Liturgy & Prayer Committee

photoThe Liturgy and Prayer Committee nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical aspect of parish life. This mandated Standing Committee ensures that the parishioners are provided with opportunities to deepen their faith through a variety of prayer experiences and liturgical experiences.


  •  Preparation for worship: Celebrations for seasons and feast are prepared and accomplished with grace and prayerfulness and reflect the diversity of the People of God.
  •  Education and formation for liturgy: See that the committee itself, the liturgical ministers, the parish staff and the parish community are well-informed and well-grounded in liturgical spirituality.
  •   Provide multiple forms of prayer: liturgy of the hours, devotions, missions and days of reflection, etc. Develop systems for spiritual formation and support of parishioners through various study/prayer/reflection/support groups in collaboration with the Adult and Family ministry of the parish.
  •   Environment and Art: Ensure that the worship space is cared for, maintained, furnished and decorated with elements that are genuine and of a quality appropriate to the dignity of the community’s worship.
  •  Music: Advise the music minister in various areas concerning resources, ministers and repertoire to ensure that the selection and performance of music follows universal norms, especially regarding the appropriateness and the full participation of the assembly, and incorporates cultural elements.
  •   Worship policies: Establish guidelines for how things will be done in this parish at liturgical celebrations and in preparation for them. (Example: Determine the Sunday wedding schedule so that weddings do not interfere with the preparations for Saturday Evening Mass; establish procedures for communion ministers to follow; determine formation required for a person to serve in a liturgical ministry.)