Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist


photo_masstimesExtraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: “The Church was born of the paschal mystery. For this very reason the Eucharist, which is in an outstanding way the Sacrament of the paschal mystery, stands at the center of the Church’s life” (Ecclesia de Eucharistia, no.3). Since 1973, the Holy Father has given bishops permission to appoint extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (EMC). The EMC’s assist with the distribution of communion whenever there is no ordinary minister (priests, deacons, or instituted acolyte*) to assist. They are engaged in the important role of distributing the Body of and Blood of Christ to the assembly; they also work to ensure that the reverence for the Blessed Sacrament is preserved; they are called to be living examples of the mercy of God by their compassion and service

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