Sacred Heart Catholic School, established in 1961, is a vital part of Sacred Heart Parish. The staff collaborate with the Redemptorist Fathers to offer quality religious and academic education to students of the surrounding community.

Our Mission

The mission of Sacred Heart Catholic School is to integrate Catholic faith and values with learning and life, treating each student as a unique child of God in a safe, supportive, and challenging academic environment.

What Sets Us Apart

At Sacred Heart we believe that….

  • Every human life, created in God’s image, is worthy of respect and dignity.
  • Catholic education is an essential part of the Church’s mission to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus, to build faith communities, to celebrate through worship and to serve others without distinction.
  • The Gospel values of our faith are an integral part of our daily life as Catholic Christians.
  • A learning environment that promotes academic excellence empowers students to grow toward their God-given potential.
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School is the shared responsibility of the pastor, principal, teachers and staff, students parents, parish and community members.
  • As responsible citizens, our students have the potential to transform the world.