Catholic Women’s Association

Is a group dedicated to the unification of all women of the Parish in religious, educational, social, and service activities for the glory of God; and to assist the Pastor in spiritual and material undertakings of the Parish. MEMBERSHIP is encouraged for all women 18 years and over who are willing to put God’s words into action through involvement and participation. MEETINGS are held on the first Wednesday of each month in the Parish activity center after the 11 am Mass.

Encouraged by the growth of our Mission Church, Sacred Heart CWA has joined with its Edgewater sisters to motivate cooperation between our two churches and their members, thereby enhancing the efforts of both communities.

DUES are $8.00 per year.

Commission Objectives

Catholic Women called to discipleship and holiness respond with personal witness and service to the church and to the world. The commission work reinforces faith and assists in meaningful ecumenical dialog. It offers a means to enhance public and private prayer, promote sound liturgical practice that is sensitive to the cultural diversity of the church, and provides resources for spiritual nourishment and development of the faith community.

This commission works to assist families in achieving a truly Christian life, and to carry out its responsibilities within the church, civic community, and the world.

This commission focuses on action that affects the life, growth, productivity, and well being of all people, especially women and children and the communities in which they live.

This commission creates awareness of the needs of all women and children throughout the world by generously supporting such interests as Water for Life, Refugee Women Emergency Fund, Madonna House, and Help-a-Child, sponsored in partnership with Catholic Relief Services.

Encourages legislative advocacy among all members. Through voter registration drives and letter writing initiatives, it provides the opportunity for the members to become involved in the legislative process. It seeks to inform the members on current and proposed laws, and promotes activities that will bring about greater social and economic justice in our society at the local, state, and national levels.

This commission is the “umbrella” under which the efforts of the entire membership become integrated. It supports the projects of all other commissions by facilitating the planning and publicity necessary to ensure successful goal completion.

What We Do
Members of this affiliation serve as:

  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick
  • Lectors
  • Legion of Mary
  • Prayer Line
  • Choir members

We participate in:

  • Halifax Urban Ministries feed the hungry lunches
  • Monthly food drive
  • Respect Life
  • Pregnancy Crisis Center annual baby shower
  • Community Outreach and transportation
  • Respite
  • Church Women United
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Parish Nurse Health Ministry
  • School mentoring
  • CCD and/or RCIA instructors

We assist:

  • The Church: with altar expenses and special project participation
  • The school: with “wish list” items, and school function participation
  • The community: in addressing the issues of the needy
  • The world in addressing the issues of hunger, poverty, and the environment

We support:

  • Our Church
  • Our school
  • Our families
  • Our community
  • Our Environment

We celebrate:

  • Our love for God and Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Our school children and staff
  • Our parish
  • Each other

We invite:
YOU to join us! For more info contact Mary Ann Murray at 386-428-6426