PARISH FEAST – Sunday, June 14 – Sacred Heart of Jesus

On Sunday, June 14th, we celebrated a beautiful solemn Mass in honor of our patron, the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After Communion, Catherine Krzeminski was honored with a gift (crucifix) by Fr. Murray, as an outstanding example of a Sacred Heart parishioner who by her example ‘builds up the Body of Christ.’ After the Mass the statue of the Sacred Heart was carried ever so devoutly by the Knights of Columbus. The procession was led by Deacon Darrell Cervasco, C.Ss.R., followed by altar servers, Fr. Murray, C.Ss.R., and then the parishioners. Upon returning inside the church with the statue of the Sacred Heart, the faithful were invited to continue the celebration with International foods, such as foods from the Filipino, Italian, and American communities. We even had a real Italian ice maker from Brooklyn, N.Y. The faithful were also invited to take part in all the many games and activities for family members and children. It seems like the tradition of our Parish Feast is catching on, more and more people are starting to become involved and to show up at the feast day activities. We had more people at this year’s Parish Feast than any of the previous years, thank you everyone for your participation, we had a great celebration, I want to also thank Mark Steighner for taking a movie and photos of the celebration and placing them on  God bless you – Fr. Murray

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