Fr. Downey Council #4934 News

The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus would like to thank all for the support we have received over the last few months. Thru this support and the hard work of our Knights we have been ableto do the following.

1. $400.00 For Sacred Heart School for play station at their fundraiser.

2. $300.00 For Deacon Program in Volusia County.

3. $160 given to support The Food Kitchen in New Smyrna Beach.

4. $2,500.00 Raised at Sacred Heart Rummage Sale.

5. $2,000.00 For the purchase of an ice machine to be placed in our Social Hall to help support our church functions.

6.$500.00 Vocations support Orlando Diocese

These are only a few projects that we have accomplished in just the beginning of our year. We again say thank you for your support and look forward to doing much more as the year continues. Look for our Knights Christmas Party in December, More School Scholarship Programs to help our kids attend Sacred Heart Catholic School and our Lenten Fish Fry which is always a success and a great time for all. These are only a few of the events that we are planning this year.

We hope that the men of the parish eighteen and above consider becoming a Knight. It’s easy just pick up a form in the church alcove or office, ask a knight or contact me Grand Knight Fran McGrath at 386-314-6480. Your effort and help is appreciated.

You will get back much more that you give.