Fr. Aldrin joins O.L.P.H. Jr Legion to visit to the Sick

Singing is just another  one of Fr. Aldrin’s  many talents we discovered with our visit to Fairgreen Assisted living. Fr. Aldrin was accompanied by Sofia Torres, 9 yr old 4th grader who plays the piano, a member of SHS & O.L.P.H. Jr. Legion. All sang for the 29 residents who were overjoyed by our visit, all our members took turns with leading the decades of the Holy Rosary. With Thanksgiving coming up our members were delighted to go on this Mission Field Trip.
Seen below is owner is Sue Haresco  who have extended an open invitation to us to visit her Facility more often in the future. Thanks to Sue & Staff ( Belle & Cindy ) for your warm welcome & kind hospitality, by the way, thanks for providing that great Lemonade !!
Fr. Aldrin, Legionaries and parents enjoyed visiting with the Residents and we had to pull Fr. Aldrin away, he was very caring to each resident and sad to say goodbye.
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