Cursillo Ladies meet Sister Karyani Raju

Ladies from the Cursillo movement had the privilege to listen to Sister Karyani Raju who worked as Mother Teresa personal secretary for 20 years. What an honor to work for
who we now know as St. Teresa. The theme for the Cursillo Homecoming #6 was “A
life of Mercy and Compassion.” The group listened to, debated and shared sentences such as: Mercy is a free gift. Compassion is the disposition to be kind and assist others. It is an action verb. Be humble, exhibiting humility does not mean to think less of self. Love is mercy, pure and God—like. We are pure and whole. We are challenged to ask ourselves: How is what I am doing affect the Poor?
During this year of Mercy let us perform the Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy. Our need is to identify self and belong to God.