August 1st – Feast of St. Alphonus Ligouri, C.Ss.R.

St. Alphonsus founded the Redemptorist congregation in 1732. It was an association of priests and brothers living a common life, dedicated to the imitation of Christ, and working mainly in popular missions for peasants in rural areas.

St. Alphonsus is known for his moral theology, which went through 60 editions in the century following him, it concentrated on the practical and concrete problems of pastors and confessors.

Alphonsus was known for his moderation and gentleness when it came to moral theology.

St. Alphonsus was known above all as a practical man who dealt in the concrete rather than the abstract. His life is indeed a “practical” model for the everyday Christian who has difficulty recognizing the dignity of Christian life amid the swirl of problems, pain, misunderstanding and failure. Alphonsus suffered all these things. He is a saint because he was able to maintain an intimate sense of the presence of the suffering Christ through it all.

Quote: Someone once remarked, after a sermon by Alphonsus, “It is a pleasure to listen to your sermons; you forget yourself and preach Jesus Christ.”