At St. Gerards – Mary’s Way of the Cross Presented

Mary’s Way of the Cross Presented Mary’s Way of the Cross follows the mother of Jesus as she walks the road to Calvary, where Jesus was crucified, emphasizing her sense of surrender: “I knew it had to be, so I walked on silently.” Our performance this year was dedicated to Carol Carmello for introducing Mary’s Way of the Cross to St. Gerard’s, for her love of the Blessed Mother and dedication in directing our performances over the past several years. On Friday, March 18 those who attended this beautiful devotion entered into an intimate journey of faith through  a deep reflection that united one’s pain and suffering with Jesus on the cross through the sorrowful heart of His Mother. A special blessing with a relic of the Cross was given by Fr. George Rosario following the devotion. Many thanks to the following: Fr. George for his beautiful introduction and special blessing; Grace Albanese for directing our performance this year; the ladies of the parish who read the reflections and carried the Crucifix; and Deacon Darrell for providing the background music that so beautifully enhanced the readings. Mary stood by her son throughout his passion and, in her faith, experienced the joy of his resurrection. This devotion allowed us to do the same in hope that we will, with Mary’s assistance, deepen our faith and allow Jesus to rise once more in our lives.