Sr Kathleen’s visit

Last Monday was the Feast day for St. Gemma, who was born in Italy and died at the age of 25. She was the patriot Saint for Students and Back injuries. Sr.  Kathleen shared her life story with all the girls. She concluded by asking the girls a question,
“What plans do you have for your future life ” ?Their responses  were all very interesting ….
  •  run for President to make our Country great again with a strong Military
  • saves the Trees to preserve our Environment
  • be a Lawyer who will also be an advocate for the poor.
  • Evangelize for God.
  • to be a Baker and follow her dreams also by being a Scientist in order to find the cures for diseases.
  • be a Veterinarian, and one who will also stop animal abuse.
Sr. Susan Kirby, President for ,Our Lady Mother of our Church Presidium Jr. Legion from St. Jude Parish in Chattanooga, TN. visited us on Monday and was very pleased to meet everyone including Sr. Kathleen.
Next Girls Vocation meeting will be on Monday May 9Th with Sr. Kathleen.
Please join us to find your Vocation !